Ripped off by SUP Worldfit when applying for a free trial of tooth whitener

Wallingford, England 0 comments
Not resolved

I am very very hacked off with being scammed by SUP WORLDFIT - I stupidly sent off for a free trial of Premium Tooth Whitener - but when I then went back to check the small print it said I had been subscribed to them for a monthly fee.I then sent back the product immediately and was promised my subscription was cancelled.

However, they didn't tell me I would be charged monthly by SUP WORLDFIT and I have just had about £15 taken off my credit card which threw me over my Credit limit so they charged me £12.00 for this so I am now out of pocket for £27.Also, the UK number I was given, actually goes out to the USA so I have to now wait until their offices open so I can TRY and cancel this dammed amount.

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